For Single Moms by Choice or Chance
An Award-Winning Non Profit Organization Helping Single Moms Since 1991

For over 16 years, the National Organization of Single Mothers has been dedicated to helping single moms by choice or chance meet the challenges of daily life with wisdom, wit, dignity, confidence and courage.

A resource clearinghouse, NOSM published the national award-winning quarterly, *Single Mother: A Support Group in Your Hands; conducts research; provides parenting information; educates and updates the media; runs this interactive web site; and publishes positive studies you will find no where else. Our aim is to increase membership (subscribers to "Single Mothers Online" automatically become members of NOSM), which in turn helps our goal of promoting the well being, fairness and resources for single moms by choice or chance, reducing stereotypes, and making suggestions to corporate and elected policy makers, social scientists and the general public.

Members of NOSM are often celebrities in their own right- getting to tell their stories to newspapers, magazines, even talk shows. Our moms have had the opportunity to speak on NPR, CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC radio and appeared on Good Morning America, Queen Latifah, Today Show, Rob Nelson Show, Oprah, Donahue, Maury and much more.

What you won't find here: Zillions of links (we have enough to navigate as it is, thank you) and tons of flashy ads having nothing to do with single parenting (we're non-profit, not gimmee-gimmees).

What you will find: Years of expertise to help you deal with the day to day challenges of single parenting-articles, tips and advice from the award-winning publication Single Mother, and Andrea Engber's weekly syndicated column, Single with Children, plus, a place to vent your feelings. And you can chat with single mother guru, author, and founder of NOSM, Andrea Engber, who'll answer some of your most challenging concerns and share the joys of parenting solo.

Whether a MOM (Mother Outside of Marriage) by choice or chance, pregnant, or a divorced, adoptive, or widowed mother, you're at home here! Welcome.